Saturday, December 18, 2010

Speed Paintings at Cafe 9

I hung out at Cafe 9 with Rose and my Dad tonight. I had such a great time. There was a live band and everything. I even got a chance to talk about my iPaintings with some musicians there. I always think it's funny that no one quite knows what to make of the iPad. I was showing my Dad new pieces and he showed me off a little. One thing led to another. By the end of the night I was discussing the different art apps I use. The highlight of the night was the speed paintings I did.

I painted the stage and one of the guitarists. I wanted to use Sketchbook Pro for these. As much as I use the app there are still brushes I hardly use. Experimentation was the goal here. I didn't even use my stylus. I was very pleased with the results. It was very surprising that I was able to get so much done so quickly. Gestures are so fun because I can just let go.

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