Sunday, November 28, 2010

Apps I Use Daily: Brushes for iPad

Brushes is an app I have heard a lot about since I got my iPad. I ended up buying Sketchbook Pro first because that's what I was exposed to. Later I took an interest in ArtRage and added that to my list of art apps too. Recently I got Brushes for iPad. I wanted to post videos of my digital art on YouTube and Brushes is the app that will let you do that.

Once you start working on a piece there is an option that allows you to play back all of your brush strokes. It's similar to an animated video. Once the piece is complete you can export the actions and upload to YouTube. It's a wonderful art app but in all honesty that feature is what led me to buy it. Speaking of features though I feel like Brushes is a nice mix of options from Sketchbook and ArtRage. You can put reference on top of the canvas, the color and brush options are robust as well.

Tutorials would've been appreciated but after using Sketchbook this wasn't difficult to pick up. Brushes lacks shortcuts as far as I know but that's not really a big deal. I'm still scratching the surface and I'll figure out what works best for me.

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