Friday, July 30, 2010

Games I can't put down: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the sequel to the first generation Playstation 3 game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It's about the continuing adventures of the reluctant thief with a heart of gold, Nathan Drake.TV reporter Elena Fisher (she was a love interest from the first game. She's also one of the most well done female characters ever done in a video game.) is back and Sully makes a fitting cameo.(Victor Sullivan is like Drake's mentor and fellow adventurer.)

Drake is taking a break from treasure hunting when he's approached by his old partner, Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer. (An old flame of Drake's but Flynn doesn't know that.) They talk him into going on an expedition to find the treasures that Marco Polo had on his lost fleet. I can't forget the game's ruthless antagonist, Zoran Lazarevic. I'm surprised just how many people he gets to off in the game. Basically the story is a masterstroke. I absolutely love the way it unfolds. The game genuinely makes you care about the characters. They feel like real people. I especially like the way they interact with each other.

The game itself takes the best aspects of Tomb Raider, and Gears of War and expands on them. You can go from running and gunning on the top of a moving train car to using stealth to taking down foes. It's all so seamless and the game only loads when you start it up. The set pieces are the best I've played in a video game. They all the serve the story and create a cinematic experience. What's hilarious is that the game is so captivating my girlfriend and her brother watched me play through it from start to finish. It's that good. The game also gives you some nice weapons to dispatch foes with.

Their are pistols, rocket launchers, machine guns, crossbows and more. Thankfully you can grab ammo from fallen foes too. Sometimes their are just too many enemies in some sections. (toward the end especially.) it isn't a huge deal though. Using stealth usually makes matters easier. His takedowns are mad cool. I have to mention traversing Nepal, Borneo, and Tibet is literally breathtaking the first time. The variety and the attention to detail make this my favorite game of all time. It's like playing a summer action blockbuster. I feel like starting a new game as I write this.

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