Monday, July 26, 2010

Creative Surge

I've been feeling great about my craft as of late. It's like I can't stop drawing. Right now I'm in illustrator mode. I want to get pieces done to flesh out my Flickr and Facebook pages. I feel like I'll get back to comics shortly though. My main focus now is my girlfriend's Sketchbook Pro portrait. I've been working on it so long though that my inner perfectionist is popping up. So I'm taking on some projects that aren't quite as labor intensive. I started work on one of my favorite characters: Bayonetta from the game that Platinum Games did for X-Box 360 and PS3.

I always thought she had an interesting character design to say the least. Her costume is a real pain but it's coming along. I'll be posting that as soon as it's finished. Just today I finished collecting reference for new Euphony pieces. I'm really looking forward to illustrating those. I'm just going to take the time tonight to put my nose to the grindstone.