Friday, July 23, 2010

Apps I Use Daily: Sketchbook Pro

Like I stated in my previous blog I'm in love with Sketchbook Pro for iPad. What started as a slow burn for me has now become a mobile canvas. It gets used mainly for illustration at this point put I'll be making the jump to illustrating comics eventually. Transparent layers are one of my favorite features on the app. I can go in, sketch out a figure and then start layering and rendering. Gestures can be used to undo, redo and bring up the menus. The shortcuts are definitely appreciated. The bulit in color wheel and guides make color selection a snap. Learning how to navigate the virtual canvas took a little practice but it was definitely worth it.

As pleased as I am with it though there are a few things that could be improved. For one you have six layers maximium. I would like to see that number increased so I could have more freedom. Also I think a program like this could use wrist protection like Penultimate. Other than that this program has been keeping me creative lately. I feel my digital work is on it's way to surpassing my traditional with this program. Especially since 90% of my art comes from my iPad now.